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Business consultancy has seen an astounding growth between 10% to 15% annually, during the past two decades.

Why Business Consulting?

Business consulting services help clients reinvent their operating models to enhance productivity, increase ROI and get competitive advantage in the market. Learning new ways of marketing and selling your product to your customers and advertising it to gain more customers is important for all business people.

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PROBLEM SITUATIONS: Things aren’t going as you’d like them to be. Maybe morale is low or turnover is high. Maybe there’s a lot of conflict or mistrust or you’re having trouble implementing change. Often, you have tried various solutions already and have gotten overwhelmed or frustrated.

MISSED OPPORTUNITIES, unused potential, or generative “future-talk.” It’s time for you(your company) to “take stock,” to move into new areas or to identify opportunities you haven’t been taking advantage of. In these cases, it’s not a question of what is going wrong, but about how you(your company) can be at their best.


Our Consulting Mantra

Our relationship-based consulting follows a logical progression of consultant activities and behaviors. Variations occur in the level of collaboration between client and consultant in the activities and the timing of those activities.

5 Phases of Business Consulting Process @ Enziq

Entry and Contracting: Entry begins the relationship between consultant and client organization, testing the fit of consultant’s skills and values with the organization’s needs. Contracting continues the process of clarifying the expectations of the consultation efforts (goals, etc.) and desired characteristics of the client-consultant relationship.

Discovery and Dialogue: Though some information probably surfaced in the first phase, discovery is a systematized approach to gaining information about the organization (collected in a variety of ways.) Dialogue is a process, collaborative between the consultant and client organization members, to derive meaning from the information gathered.

Feedback and Decision to Act: Formally the client and consultant come to a mutual understanding about the meaning of the analysis and the areas of focus for the next consulting activities. The client decides what to act upon and with the consultant’s help how to do that.

Engagement and Implementation: Specific activities in service of the project’s goals are carried out in the client organization. These may be led by the consultant, supported by the consultant, and/or accomplished by the organizational members alone.

Extension, Recycle, or Closure: Once the activities are completed, consultant and client look at the progress compared to the intentions. If the work is completed, this is the time to celebrate that completion and say good-bye. If there are still actions to be taken, this is a decision point about renegotiating the contract.

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